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What is a Pneumatic Pump?

Gee Pumps provides pumps for a variety of different industries, from water and waste sectors to process engineering applications. The different areas that these pumps are manufactured for mean that there are a number of different types of pumps to choose from depending on what they will be used for.

Gee’s Pneumatic Pumps

A pneumatic pump is one where the air within in it is compressed. The compressed air inside the pumps causes a build up of force and it is this build up of force that is responsible for causing the movement of fluids through a pipe system.

Our Pneumatic Pumps

Here at Gee Pumps, we have a range of pneumatic pumps for you to choose from, as well a a variety of other pumps to suit the needs of your company.

Pneumatic Pump Accessories

Alongside our series of pumps, we also have accessories available to amplify the effects of the pumps themselves. These range from suction kits to injection fittings and spares kits.

If you would like further information on our pneumatic pumps, the accessories or any of the other pumps we have available, then contact us on: 0121 326 1700 or email us at: pumpinfo@geeco.co.uk


Published Date: 12th July 2016
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