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Wastewater TreatmentWastewater

Domestic wastewater (sewage) treatment, is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.

This material is often inadvertently contaminated with many toxic organic and inorganic compounds. The objective of sewage treatment is to produce an effluent which can be disposed of without causing harm to public health or creating pollution.

Industrial Wastewater TreatmentIndustrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment involves a range of processes to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way by industrial activity – prior to their re-use or release into the environment.

Recent technological trends have focussed on minimising the production of such waste or on recycling it within the production process. However, many industries remain dependent on processes that produce wastewaters.

Drinking WaterDrinking Water

The goal of water purification is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is purified for human consumption but water purification may also be designed to meet the requirements of medical,


pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial applications.

Gee and Co has many years’ experience in the relevant chemical processes such as flocculation and chlorination and brings extensive technical expertise and innovation to developments in the industry.

Power GenerationGee & Co has a significant installed base of systems and product in the UK.

Within the Power Generation Industry there are basically three application areas for chemicals.  These are for the treatment of the boiler feed water and the recirculation water on the cooling tower, and the effluent treatment plant.

Gee & Co has a significant installed base of systems and product in the UK, and is well placed to meet the needs of power station refurbishment and development programmes.

Process IndustriesProcess Industries

Gee chemical dosing systems are widely used right across process industries in applications such as the dosing of chemicals for the paper and pulp sector, for injecting CIP chemicals in the food and drinks industries and for the recovery of waste water in process plants such as the electronics industry.

In addition, systems are available for petrochemical processes and materials used in the construction industry, including cement.