We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

Municipal Drinking Water Products.

Within the Municipal Waste sector Gee has a wide range of products for a variety of applications.

Gee systems are widely used within the water industry for the treatment of both potable and waste water. Within the Municipal Waste sector Gee has a wide range of products for a variety of applications.

We have a selected range of chemical dosing pumps including solenoid, mechanical, digital and hydraulic diaphragm pumps, which are ideally suited for a range of applications such as disinfection, pH control, Plumbosolvency, coagulation, flocculation, fluoridation, Lime handling.

To complement the range of dosing pumps we manufacture a complete range of thermoplastic tanks up to 150m3 for the safe storage of chemicals.

Many applications require a full chemical dosing system to be mounted in an enclosure or supplied as a packaged system. Gee is the UK leading manufacturer in this field and manufactures simple pump enclosures to fully integrated packaged system that can be moved from site to site as the need arises. Whilst specific designs are available we can also manufacture bespoke packaged system to meet your needs.

Gee’s process experience and manufacturing capabilities also extends into odour control, where the company is able to offer a full range of chemical dosing systems and packages for the prevention of septicity control in the rising mains. Our capabilities also include biological and chemical scrubbing, and carbon polishing of odours at the treatment works prior to discharge.

Many of the above products are not used in isolation, they form part of a system which our projects teams can design and engineer systems solutions. This combined with a full


installation capability plus a technical support and service operation, ensures that customer solutions are complete to a high level of satisfaction.

The use of chemicals within the clarification process for potable water are required for the removal of turbidity, colour and solids. The primary coagulants extensively used are either aluminium or iron based products which are generally aluminium sulphate, polyaluminium chloride or ferric sulphate. In order to optimise the pH for these processes alkalis are employed, and to inhibit the formation of THM – inorganic acids (usually sulphuric acid) – are introduced into the process. Liquid polymers like polydadmac can be used for washwater recovery and for the dewatering of the sludges polyacrylamides are generally utilised.

For disinfection process chlorine, chloramines or chlorine dioxide are are introduced into the water after clarification. The selection of disinfection will be selected on the task it is required to do.

Drinking Water Technical Approach & Product Recommendations

Process Stage Problem Chemical Solution Gee’s Solution
Inlet Works Colour Turbidity Poly Aluminium Chloride Chemical Dosing Pumps
Aluminium Sulphate Chemical Dosing Packages
Ferric Sulphate Chemical Tanks & Skids
Poly Aluminium
Sodium Silicate
Polyelectrolytes (Liquid / Powder) Polyelectrolyte PreparationSystems
Chemical Dosing Pumps
Inlet Works pH Correction Lime Pumps for Slurry Dosing
Kalic Chemical Tanks
Inlet or Filtration Works Taste Powdered Activated Carbon Slurry Preparation & Chemical Dosing
Contact Tank Biologically unsafe water Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Dosing Pumps
Chemical Dosing Packages
Gas Chlorination Chlorine Gas Systems
Electro Chlorination Electrochlorination Systems
Calcium Hypochlorite Chemical Dosing Pumps
Calcium Hypochlorite Preperation Systems
Lead Leaching Orthophosphoric Acid Chemical Dosing Pumps
Monosodiumphosphate Chemical Dosing Packages
Long Main Retention Ammonium Sulphate Chemical Dosing Pumps
Chemical Dosing Packages
Distribution Taste & Smell of Chlorine Sodium Metabisulphate Chemical Dosing Plant
Sulphur Dioxide Gas Chemical Dosing Packages
Chlorine Dioxide
Backwash Water Recovery Polydadmac Effluent Treatment Plant
Poly Aluminium Package Plant
Final Discharge Sludge Disposal Polyelectrolyte Addition (Liquid / Powder Emulsion) Polyelectrolyte Preparation Systems