We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Helping industry to meet the challenging environmental and pollution control legislation posed by the European IPPC Directive is one of our primary drivers.
As market leaders in water harvesting and recycling systems we also assist our clients to preserve scarce water resources and recover valuable by-products from industrial effluent, and can also offer dosing and treatment plant with ZERO discharge.

However you view it, the control and treatment of industrial wastewater grows more important by the year. Quite apart from the social responsibility that every industrial producer has to the planet that we all share, there is a duty to the local community and the welfare of employees. The need to recover valuable water resources is unarguable.

The growing cost of water – linked in many cases with the ability to recover and re-use valuable by-products from industrial effluent – adds still more value to the financial argument. It is this


combination of environmental responsibility, economic justification and the increasing stringency of new legislation that drives the need for industrial recovery and recycling.

In providing solutions, Gee brings more than its specialised experience in chemical engineering. We also bring a pragmatic approach to meeting that critical balance between process requirement and budgetary constraint.

New European-wide directives that will influence the way that all process industry manages its approach to environmental issues are being progressively applied on an industry-by-industry basis.

To be successful, industries of the future will be challenged to be as environmentally aware as they are proactive in integrating the control of pollution and the use of natural resources.

Here at Gee, we are very much involved in the framing and implementation of these changes and much of our work is dedicated to ensuring that our clients comply – and comply in the most cost-effective manner.