We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

About Gee & Co Ltd

Gee & Co Ltd is the UK’s largest and fully self sufficient provider of total solutions in chemical dosing, odour control, treatment of industrial effluent and environmental control industries. We have been excelling in the chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering skills for 38 years.

Specialising in package systems and offsite solutions, we provide high-grade systems for chemical storage and metering


applications across a comprehensive range of liquids, powders, slurries and emulsions.

Evidence of our project management specialisation is borne out by more than 2500 completed systems, which we have designed, manufactured and commissioned during this period – many of them supported by through life service contracts.

Gee is an active exporter and our experience extends across a number of countries.


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Gee & Co’s Chemical Dosing Plant in the AMP6 Project for Severn Trent Water

Gee & Co participated in the delivery of the first AMP6 project for Severn Trent Water, where we manufactured the …

What is a Pneumatic Pump?

Gee Pumps provides pumps for a variety of different industries, from water and waste sectors to process engineering applications. The …

Process Industry Spotlight
Wastewater treatment

Gee dosing systems are widely used right across process industries in applications such as the dosing of chemicals for the paper and pulp sector, for injecting CIP chemicals in the food and drinks industries and for the recovery of wastewater in processing


plants such as in the electronics industry. In addition, systems are available for petrochemical processes and for materials used in the construction industry, including cement.


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Case Study

  • Experts in the treatment of inorganic effluent from the automotive, electronics, aerospace and metal finishing industries.


  • Setting industry standards in specialist chemical engineering solutions.


  • I am very appreciative of the flexible and professional approach demonstrated by your team ….

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