We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

About Gee and Co

Gee and Co are the UK’s largest and fully self-sufficient provider of total solutions in chemical dosing and odour control for the water, industrial effluent and environmental control industries. We have been excelling in the necessary chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering skills for more than thirty five years.

Evidence of our project management specialisation is borne out by more than 2,500 completed systems, which we have designed, manufactured and commissioned during this period – many of them supported by through-life service contracts.


Gee and Co chemical dosing – serving the water industry and beyond

We provide high-grade systems for chemical storage and metering applications across a comprehensive range of liquids, powders, slurries and emulsions.

In addition, We provide an extensive range of products for odour control. Providing equipment and service from the pumping station distribution system and the sewage treatment works.

A Framework supplier to most of the UK water utilities, and a major supplier to the power generation and process industries throughout the world, Gee is also a major exponent of factory-built and tested package chemical dosing systems.


Gee industrial wastewater treatment companies

Helping industry to meet the challenging environmental and pollution control legislation posed by the European IPPC Directive is one of our primary drivers.

As market leaders in water harvesting and recycling systems we also assist our clients to preserve scarce water resources and recover valuable by-products from industrial effluent, and can also offer dosing and treatment plant with ZERO discharge.


Gee chemical tanks

As part of the companies core competencies Gee designs and manufactures all its own high duty Chemical Tanks. The water company is a specialist in GRP thermoplastic technology and is also experienced in the supply of chemical fume scrubbing solutions.


Gee dosing pumps

Gee Dosing pumps… As advanced chemical dosing technology lies at the heart of most Gee solutions, we have a unique


portfolio of Dosing Pumps.

Our portfolio not only offers the broadest range of solenoid, plunger, diaphragm and pneumatic dosing pumps and capacities in the UK, but complements these with a range of side and top entry agitators, all backed up by our fast and effective technical advice service.


Milton Roy top and side entry mixers, agitators and stirrers

Gee & Company is the official UK distributor and your technical partner for the mixer and agitator ranges from Milton Roy. Together these create a unique combination – a market-leading range of sealed and unsealed chemical mixers and process mixers supported by the unique Gee mixer selection service.

This selection service – underpinned by the company’s 35 year specialisation in every aspect of chemical dosing – gives process users unrivalled access to an optimised software modelling package that is tailored to give an optimal and customised configuration for every application.


After sales service

We are committed to supporting you and your Gee systems on a life-time basis. Whether you purchase a single dosing pump or a major turnkey chemical dosing or effluent recovery plant, Gee will always support you.

We will deliver a programme of support tailored to meet your needs – whether your system was originally supplied by us or by another manufacturer.

Site support is provided through our team of dedicated service engineers and field technicians who are fully trained in Gee products, systems engineering and software, and also in the handling and storage of chemicals and trade effluent,

By working with you on a managed programme of preventative maintenance, the overall costs of ownership can be reduced and safety thresholds raised. Most importantly of all, your equipment and system availability is maintained at its optimum performance level ensuring maximum efficiency in processing and production.


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Gee dosing systems are widely used right across process industries in applications such as the dosing of chemicals for the paper and pulp sector, for injecting CIP chemicals in the food and drinks industries and for the recovery of wastewater in processing


plants such as in the electronics industry. In addition, systems are available for petrochemical processes and for materials used in the construction industry, including cement.


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  • Setting industry standards in specialist chemical engineering solutions.


  • I am very appreciative of the flexible and professional approach demonstrated by your team ….

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