We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

Gee & Company Operations

Gee’s many decades of specialisation in the design, manufacture and support of chemical dosing equipment has given us an unrivalled breadth of expertise. This is reflected by the 2500+ completed systems that we have in operation across the world, making our chemical engineer company by far the largest UK company operating in this arena.

Unusually in this industry, Gee has followed a conscious policy of retaining all its manufacturing operations within its sole control, and operates from two co-located, comprehensively equipped and ISO quality assured sites in north Birmingham. The Gee factories are home to steelwork fabrication, cabling, control panels, thermo-plastic tank fabrication and, of course, sophisticated test facilities.


Gee & Company Design Excellence

Excellence in chemical engineering at Gee starts with the latest generation of CAD technology to help develop, design and integrate mechanical, electrical and electronic elements to create the bespoke concepts from which manufacturing drawings are generated.


Project Management

Skilful coordination of design and manufacture prior to installation and commissioning is one of the reasons why Gee is noted for getting


projects completed on time, every time. A highly efficient and enthusiastic project management team operating robust, proven processes is one of the more visible reasons for this level of client satisfaction.


System Testing

Concentrating our resources in-house helps in saving the cost of moving components around the country, and also gives us strict control of production processes and quality.

Above all, with the benefit of factory-based resources, it enables the complete system testing that is a hallmark of Gee package systems. This testing protocol meets all relevant industry standards and safety criteria. Comprehensive in-house testing prior to delivery to site also means that equipment and systems are up and running in the minimum time.


Less site work – faster commissioning

Quality control apart, one of the main advantages of the Gee manufacturing approach is that our packaged and skid-mounted units are supplied ready to operate. This drastically reduces the time spent on site in installation and commissioning and therefore reduces CDM requirements significantly.


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Process Industry Spotlight
Wastewater treatment

Gee dosing systems are widely used right across process industries in applications such as the dosing of chemicals for the paper and pulp sector, for injecting CIP chemicals in the food and drinks industries and for the recovery of wastewater in processing


plants such as in the electronics industry. In addition, systems are available for petrochemical processes and for materials used in the construction industry, including cement.


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Case Study

  • Experts in the treatment of inorganic effluent from the automotive, electronics, aerospace and metal finishing industries.


  • Setting industry standards in specialist chemical engineering solutions.


  • I am very appreciative of the flexible and professional approach demonstrated by your team ….

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