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OBL Plunger & Diaphragm Dosing Pumps

  • The OBL range of dosing pumps offers the simplicity of spring return or the greater accuracy of positive displacement – within the three basic configurations of plunger design, hydraulic diaphragm and mechanical diaphragm.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Capable at extra high back pressures or at high temperatures e.g. molten sulphur.
  • These dosing pumps can be fitted with pneumatic or electronic servos which accept 4-20 mA inputs to ensure that the pump is fully controllable.
  • Range of pumps which are API 675 rated.
  • ATEX STD compliance (94/9/CE), group II category 2 (zone 1/21) and group II category 3 (zone 2/22).
  • Multi-headed options enable a single motor to run several pumps together.
  • To compliment the OBL range of pumps, we can supply a range accessories, tanks, standard and bespoke packaged systems.