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Effluent Treatment Plant

“This is a brief note to say thanks to you and your team for your help with the delivery of our Effluent Phosphorus Reduction programme.

I am very appreciative of the flexible and professional approach demonstrated by your team and am sure that without your support we would have found it very difficult to achieve this.”

Effluent Treatment Plant Geeco

  • Gee designs, constructs, installs and commissions effluent treatment plant for a diverse range of applications across the globe.
  • 40 years experience in industrial wastewater treatment, and recycling systems.
  • Gee treatment systems utilise physio-chemical process including settlement, DAF, ion exchange and membrane technology.
  • Helping industry to meet the challenging environmental and pollution control legislation posed by the European IPPC Directive.

Gee and Co Core Competences

Gee brings two vital ingredients/core competences to it’s waste water treatment schemes in addition to project design and manufacturing capability. These are Process knowledge and Process Chemistry.

Core Compentences

These two vital competences are paramount in understanding our customers needs and designing individual solutions to meet their needs. The end result is a effluent treatment plant which is fit for purpose.

Below is an example of an industrial effluent treatment package being manufactured for a customer in Kuwait.

Kuwait 2

Kuwait 1