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Fume Scrubbers

Gee offers a range of vented fume gas scrubbers.

Gee offers a range of vented fume gas scrubbers:

  • Fume gas scrubbers dispose of the dangerous fumes that are a by-product of the storage and dosing of chemicals such as ammonia, NOX, chloride and many others.
  • Fume scrubbers serve both to reduce the nuisance factor and to reduce environmental emissions to the approved EPA limits and IPPC guidelines.
  • Gee fume scrubbers can be supplied as separate

    free-standing tower units or as an integral part of the chemical storage tanks. In addition, portable scrubbers are available for use on testing regimes.
  • Contaminants are removed by passing the fumes through a packed column, where the gas either reacts with or is absorbed by, a scrubbing liquor. Programmed control can be provided for intermittent automatic operation.