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Bio Filters

Supplied as a stand alone package. The unit is fitted with either a suitable biological media for the application. The biofilter offer high performance with value for money. The substrate media is designed to digest the odour causing compounds such as ammonia, H2S, mercaptans and organic sulphides.

Gee and Co Bio Filters are Simple to Maintain & Operate

Optimum performance is maintained by controlled irrigation and they have the added advantage that there is no storage of chemical. With a typical


removal efficiency of 98% for H2S and 95% for other odours, they are a popular choice for small and medium treatment works and can be used as a 2 stage process when combined with a carbon filter for complex applications.

Designed and built to BS4994 all systems are custom built and supplied with a biofilter housing, irrigation system, biomedia, air extraction fan and duct work. Control panel. Filter housing can be supplied in any colour.

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