We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

Biological Filters & Chemical Scrubbing Systems

To treat the variety of odours, Gee & Company have developed a range of Dry Media & Biofilters as well as a range of Bio and Chemical scrubbers to meet the variety of applications and conditions which are now found in Municipal Sewage Works.

Catalytic Iron FiltrationPumice Stone Activated CarbonImpregnated Carbon Absorber Chemical Scrubbing

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Each Filter or Biological Scrubbing System is designed to suit the application and fabricated in our own workshop to the highest of industry


standards. We have total control of the design and manufacture and can complete the project with installation and commissioning by our experience project teams.

Leading Packaged Chemical Dosing Systems

Gee is recognised as one of the leading companies in Packaged Chemical Dosing Systems. With several hundred sold they are meeting the test of time. Gee have now extended this capability to Chemical Scrubbing & Biological Scrubbing Packaged Systems.

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