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Chemical Dosing Systems


Effective chemical dosing systems for odour treatment in wastewater

The absence of air and oxygen (anaerobic conditions) causes bacterial production of hydrogen sulphide H2S, mercaptans and other substances all of which are toxic and foul-smelling gases. These unpleasant odours spread and can be a source of complaints in a neighbourhood or in a municipality or from an industrial process because of their “rotten egg” odour or “rotten cabbage” type smell.


Prevention of corrosion in sewer networks

Hydrogen sulphide H2S can also be transformed into sulphuric acid which is a cause of corrosion in sewage network. This in turn can shorten the life of the asset and cause a great deal inconvenience.



To tackle these foul and toxic gases Gee & Co work very closely with the chemical suppliers to provide a sustainable chemical dosing solution.


Dosing Pumps

Gee has sourced pumps from the worlds leading manufactures and formed into a comprehensive range of Chemical Dosing Pumps to handle any recommended chemical, as well controlling the dose to optimise the dose rate and chemical costs.

Tacima PumpsEcolab PumpsOBL PumpsGrundfos Pumps


Packaged Systems

Not only do we supply the individual pumps, but we integrate them into full packaged chemical dosing systems. Gee’s Packaged Systems are designed to provide a secure dosing system for remote locations with a variety of interfaces to suit various forms of control.

fabricated skidspackaged systems