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Impregnated Carbon

impregnated carbon


Impregnated activated carbon pellet are used for the removal and containment of hydrogen sulphide, organic mercaptans (thiols) and certain organic sulphides from air. The granular carbon is installed in the fixed bed allowing the odour to pass through the bed. Compounds required to be removed are retained on the activated carbon.

The activated carbon can be used till its exhaustion. It can be normally reactivated or replaced with the new carbon.

Design Information : The main


factors in the design of an adsorption system are the carbon consumption (amount of carbon required to treat the gas) and the contact time (for a fixed flow rate, the contact time is directly proportional to the volume of carbon).

Advantages of Impregnated  Carbon

  • Fully effective on start-up.
  • High removal efficiencies.
  • Does not need sophisticated housing.
  • Ideal for low volume local treatment.
  • Excellent Secondary treatment