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Total Odour Control Solutions for Municipal Waste Water

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a toxic and potentially lethal gas found in both industrial installations and in wastewater systems.

Gee and Co’s Wastewater Odour Treatment

Gee’s odour control solutions extend to providing equipment to prevent septicity in the pumping distribution system as well as treating odours at the waste water treatment plants. These unpleasant smells often hide other potential problems to such as localized corrosion.

This extensive offering forms the basis of Gee’s ‘Total


Odour Control Management solutions’ in which we can provide the products, knowledge and service to treat and prevent odours from the Pumping stations to the Sewage treatment works. Our range products and solutions assist in prolonging the lifespan of infrastructure and preventing the spread of nuisance odours in the surrounding communities.

Odour Control 2

The treatment of odours around pumping stations and the sewage treatment works can utilize

a)    Chemical Dosing Systems.

b)    Chemical or Bioscrubbers, Dry media or Biofilters.