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Single & Multiple Chemical Scrubbers

Gee & Co Chemical Scrubbers are designed to meet remove a range of odours and fumes. Each random packed section is available in a variety of lengths to assure optimum performance at a competitive cost.

Choosing single or multiple stage scrubbing systems

Single stage scrubbing maybe used for basic waste water applications.

For more onerous applications which may combine high concentrations with a range of odours such as ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans, insoluble VOC’s a multi- stage scrubbing system maybe required.

Each unit is fully integrated to give efficient removal of the specified airborne contaminants using the principles of both impingement and chemical absorption.

Using this process multi stage chemical scrubbers are used for sewage sludge applications and for sludge dryer off gas treatment.

Designed to good engineering practices, DVS2205 and BS4994 and custom built for the application. Each unit is typically supplied with Low, medium or high efficiency random packed media, liquor recirculating pump and pipework, chemical storage and dosing systems, air extraction system including fans and ductwork, control panel, H2S monitoring system and stack.

With this flexibility in design we are able to treat flow rates from 1000 to 100,000 m3/hr with single units. By using parallel unit a Multi stage scrubber, capacities can be increase proportional to the number of units used.



Down Load Data Sheets

Series 10000 Scrubber Data Sheet (Issue 3)

Series 8000 Horizontal Chemical Scrubber Data Sheet (Issue 2)

Series 6000 Horizontal Chemical Scrubber

Series 2000 Scrubber Data Sheet (Issue 2)