We are market leaders in design and engineering for the industrial wastewater treatment sector

Non Walk In Packaged Units

Gee is the industry front runner in the design and manufacture of packaged systems. We have a comprehensive range of Walk-in and Non Walk In Packaged Dosing Systems.

The KTB Series is one of a number of designs that are manufactured to suit a range of chemicals and all major components are manufactured in-house, assembled and fully factory tested prior to delivery.

Our customers requirements have been incorporated into the design together with our manufacturing expertise. The end result is a proven system that is operationally sound and has a long asset life.


KTBKB Package Plant

Key Benefits

  • Cost V Conventional Systems
  • Proven design concept
  • Fully factory tested
  • Capacities from 1.0 m³ to 30 m³
  • Large UK installed base
  • Fully secure and weather-proof dosing systems
  • Range of options to suit applications
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Easy to transport from site to site if applications change